Dayak Basap Culture Teluk Sumbang

such purity indeed satisfies tourist who come to the settlement

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Teluk Sumbang Settlement in the Nose of Borneo

The Dayak Basap settlement at Teluk Sumbang is of less then 50 houses at the Manggelihat Karst mountian plateau in the Nose of Borneo, and becomes a recommended tourist spot for everyone. Tourist can meet the local Dayak Basap Tribe and learn their culture. Not to mention they have an opportunity to explore the village. These include a visit to nature tourist spots like Bidadari Waterfall and Teluk Sumbang Beach.
The Daysk Basap are known to live in secluded areas, apart from Teluk Sumbang settlement, this tribe also lives in some caves in East Kalimantan Province like Hantu Hill and Tanjung Mangkaliat.

Nuance of Teluk Sumbang Dayak Settlement

The settlement has a peaceful atmosphere, is surrounded by trees, grassland, and mountains, which provide fresh air and comfortable shade to people. The small settlement, has simple houses and looks traditional, the villagers are not influenced by modern technology and contemporary culture. Such purity indeed satisfies tourist who come to the village. Tourists can learn local cultures and enjoy interesting specialties like traditional foods, dances, hunt and arts.

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