Teluk Sumbang Mangkalihat Mountain

jungle trek the untouched rain forest from your beach eco lodge


The towering trees of the stretched rain forest of Mangkalihat mountain at Teluk Sumbang Berau, Kalimantan, is a mystic untouched place of Borneo Island. The Virgin jungle, is one of last flora and fauna paradise at earth. The Diverse vegetation and plenty of wildlife, make tourist visitors won’t get bored when exploring Teluk Sumbang. The jungle is just a few steps behind the beach eco lodge and quite easily accessible.

The flora of giant towering meranti, and hard wood tree species, with flowering orchids is a cool breath for nature lovers. The wildlife from proboscis monkeys, orangutan, lizards, deer to honey beers which are mostly easy to spot whole year round is an attraction itself.

Teluk Sumbang Beach Eco Lodge

A simple but nice place to stay, is the eco lodge at the beach of Teluk Sumbang. A natural disgned lodge under the palm trees at the stunning white beach. The delicious local food at the restaurant, is a pleasant culinary experience of the local dishes.

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