Kutai National Park Kalimantan

In the canopy rain forest of Kutai Park in East Kalimantan you can spot truly wild orangutans during your guided tour. Travelers can support and sustain directly the preservation by a trip in to jungle land of the orangutans and other wildlife as their natural habitat in Borneo. Tours to Kutai Park provide plenty rainforest trek offers encountering genuinely wild orangutans at Kalimantan Island

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Orangutan & Wildlife at Kutai Park

Kutai National Park as a jungle conservation area of about 200.000 hectares has a wild orangutan population of about 2000 orangutans habitating the rainforest which is still relatively intact. Kutai Park gives the best chance to see the wild orangutans in their habitat at Kalimantan.

Kutai Park Flora & Fauna

Kutai Park Nature Reserve is dominated by a Dipterocarpaceae lowland tropical rainforest and has 958 species of flora, including 8 of the worlds 9 genus of Dipterocarpaceae family, 41 species of orchids and 220 species of medical plants. The other vegetation types include coastal mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest and kerangas forest.The park provides habitat to 10 species of primates, 90 species of mammals and 300 species of birds. They include orangutan, Malayan sun bear, sambar deer, banteng, maroon leaf monkey, white-fronted leaf monkey, Hose leaf monkey, proboscis monkey, Bornean gibbon, clouded leopard, black flying squirrel, marbled cat, flat-headed cat, yellow-throated marten, otter civet, and smooth-coated otter.

Kutai Park Tourist Attractions

There are three main points for tourist in Kutai park. For those who wish to see orangutans, Prevab station is the place, for other wildlife experince the delta mangrove forest you could see proboscis monkeys and crocodiles, the third spot for those who wish experiencing flora, an old giant towering hard wooden tree at the Sangkima station which is worth a visit

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