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Travel Borneo, and explore Tanjung Puting National Park, becomes a memorable orangutan wildlife safari tour experience, by sailing a traditional klotok boat in to the mystic rain forest to the primates of Kalimantan. Your stay at the klotok boat serve the accommodation comfort during your jungle river cruise trip at Indonesia Borneo Island

Klotok Boat Orangutan Cruise

Tanjung Puting Park at Central Kalimantan Indonesia Borneo Island is an ecological wealth of tropical flora and fauna include the endemic Borneo Orangutan species of Kalimantan 's rainforest. The park as a nature reserve contains several types of ecosystems from the mangrove swamp forest and lowland rainforest to dense jungle. The Tanjung Puting wildlife, as the orangutan, which only is found at Sumatra and Borneo, along with the endemic proboscis monkeys, clouded leopard, leaf monkey, macaque, pangolin anteater, tiny tarsier, lizards, crocodiles, pythons and more then 600 bird spieces as the most famous Sun Birds, pheasants, Kakatua, and Hornbills.
The Tanjung Putting National Park consist a 1100 square miles area of eco-system rainforest including wet and swam lands rivers which is fillied to the brim with wildlife with its main attraction the orangutan.
To explore the secrets in the forest, tourist visitors can only enter Tanjung Putting reserve by boat, as the water system is the back road to the wilderness. The famous klotok boats are local wooden boats which can accommodate travelers during their trip in the park visiting the conservation wildlife centers, jungle camps, and feeding platforms. The klotok boats cruise and navigate you through the wet and swamp lands over the Sekonyer River in to the heart of Tanjung Putting Park bushland, where you can enjoy the diversity of Borneo flora and fauna.
During your jungle cruise in the park, you can enjoy the sight of the forest river bank canopy filled with wildlife, and spot the diversity of monkey species including the very distinctive proboscis longnose monkey jump from tree to tree. The wild orangutans soon will get your attention swinging the lush vegetation forest trees all over in the park. Keep your eyes opened at all sights, the river holds crocodiles and the air is filled with lots of bird species, not seldom the hornbill bird will gently fly above your klotok boat ruling the rain forest roof.
When your boat is harboring one of the camp sides, its time to adventure the outdoor secret over the off the beaten paths of the deep jungle inside. The rain forest hike can be tailored upon your level of fitness, so discuss this in front with your guide, or tour operator to maximize your truly tropical jungle and wildlife experience in the reserve.
One of the main attractions to visit in Tanjung Putting Park is the Camp Leakey orangutans preservation. Camp Leakey was named after Dr Louis Leakey, the mentor of the camps founder’s Professor Birute Galdikas.
Pondok Tangui is another rehabilitation center for orangutans located in the outer corner of Tanjung Putting park, which have feeding platforms to daily feedings of the great apes. At both rehabilitation centers, you will get the chance to see these amazing orangutan primates close and learn more about how we can protect this endangered species of Borneo island and the pristine vegetation of the jungle itself. This is a world famous natural treasure which attracts a growing number of international tourist visitors each year.
The klotok boats are very comfortable transport and accommodation facilities, during the day, the upper deck is a relax room with lounge chairs, and table to relax with a cup of coffee and have your meals while cruising the rain forest river channels. During the night the upper deck of the klotok boat will be turned into a sleeping room which upon the boat size can accommodate one to more then ten persons, with matrasses and mosquito nets will become a kind of floating comfort camping ground in the middle of the rainforest where you can experience the sounds of the jungle closely.
For those tourist who search for absolute comfortable accommodation, Rimba Lodge can accommodate visitors with western facilities as air-conditioned hot and cold water shower rooms operated eco friendly with solar power.

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3 Days Tanjung Puting Jungle Wildlife Tour

Cruise into Tanjung Puting National Park, to feel the rythm of the Tropical rainforest during your klotok boat sail through Borneo 's Jungle, and spot the dancing wildlife from tree to tree along the river banks of the Sekonyer River, to visit the rehabilitation centers Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanggui which will give us an inside of the rehabilitation process of the animal species back in to their wild habitat of Borneo

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5 Days Tanjung Puting Jungle Trail

The Jungle trail adventure tour is designd for those who wish to experience the Tanjung Puting National Park in and all out at a different way, we will hike the lowland tropical rain forest, to the dryland jungle crossing the swamp and mangrove forest over the off the beaten trails, while visiting the Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanggui Rehabilitation centers.

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