Tangkiling Mountain

mountain surrounded by wetlands

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Mount Tangkiling

Mount Tangkiling in the Rungan Ditrict along the Kahayan River near Palangkaraya, has a lot of endangered spieces of animals, including the Orangutan at nearby Pulau Kaja ( Kaja Island ), the forest of Tangkiling Mountain can be explore due of its wildlife with clouded leopard, monkeys, many bird species. The Traditional Dayak Culture along the Kahayan and her side rivers as the Katingan River, and the Rungan River with its dense jungle, make Mount Tangiling a perfect place for a visit for the adventures travelers.
The Danau Tahai is a blackwater lake, in the verdant jungle nearby Mt Tangkiling. Climbing the Mountain you will have a the forest mist view. Orangutans, macaques, elusive proboscis monkeys, gibbons and langurs, as well as several bird species as gliding fish eagles and the curious hornbills can be found in the park. The Nyaru Menteng Borneo Orangutan Survival Rehabilitation Center can be visited for education and learn you how they try to sustain and the rehabilisation of wildlife.
The traditional Dayak village and Culture make it as one of the most attractive in Indonesia with its famouse Kaharingan religion. From Flora to Fauna and to Traditional activities as hulling rice, carving machete handles, weaving rattan mats and bags, to building canoes and drying fish can be found only at and arround Mount Tangkiling.

Mount Tangkiling Travel Information

Tour & Travel Destination :
Indonesia, Central Kalimantan, Kahayan River, Tangkiling Mountain

Main Interest & Things to do :
Jungle trek and Dayak Culture
recommended visit time is 2 or 4 days
Orangutan Island ( pulau Kaja & Bapalas ) orangutan tour visit
The area of the Kahayan River has an untouched jungle, and tradititional Dayak Culture
Wildlife like orangutans, and longnose monkeys can be found here, the WWF, BOS and other organizations have reseach and rehabilitation centers in the area.
Fauna is one of the best at Kalimantan, and still unexplored by tourism, along the Kahayan River.

Culture :
Dayak Ngaju

Flora & Fauna :
Lowland Rainforest & exotic tropical wildlife

Tour Starting Point :

Tour Distance to entry point :
Mount Tangkiling is about 45 Km away from Palangkaraya airport

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 4 to 6 Days

Accommodation & Overnights :
Simple Hotels or Local Houses

Tour Grade :

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