Naha Gamang Kayan Mentarang park

Jungle of the Kayan River

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Heart of Borneo

Naha Gamang is a small Dayak settlement along the Kayan River in Kayan Mentarang National Park at the heart of Borneo. Dangerous rapids blocks further cruising upstream the Kayan river which connect the Apokayan Highland region as the the spring of the Kayan River. Naha Gamang is surrounded by primary tropical cloud rain forest and home to various wildlife and and flora vegetation.

Naga Gamang Kayan River Travel Information

Tour Destination :
Naha Gamang & Kayan River, Kayan Mentarang Reserve, Heart of Borneo

Main Interest & Tour Activities :
Kayan River cruise adventure in to the virgin Jungle of Kayan Mentarang highlands.
Jungle treks, explore the rain forest vegetationTraditional Dayak Culture.
Naha Gamang is a settlement at the Kayan River, and is one of the last villages which can be reached, before the dangerous rapids.
Recommended visit time for Naha Gamang and Kayan River is 5 to 8 days

Culture :
Dayak Kayan & Punan

Flora & Fauna :
Tropical Rainforest and Wildlife

Tour Starting Point :
Balikpapan East Kalimantan, or Tanjung Selor either Tarakan North Kalimantan

Tour Transport Possibilities :
by Flight from Balikpapan to Tanjung Selor, or direct from Jakarta to Tarakan, continue by speedboat to Tanjung Selor, estimated travel by speedboat is 2 hours to reach Tanjung Selor. Cruising up with a combination of public longboats and chartered longboats to places as Naha Gamang, Long Pujungan and Long Alango

Tour Ending Point :
Balikpapan East Kalimantan or Tanjung Selor either Tarakan North Kalimantan
from Tarakan you can cross the border by direct flight or via Nunukan by Public ferry boat to the City Tawau in Malaysia Sabah

Travel Distance to entry point :
900 Km from Balikpapan Airport
300 km from Tarakan Airport

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 5 to 8 Days

Hotels & Accommodation :
homestay / Local Houses or Jungle Camp

Tour Grade :

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