Datah Bilang Mahakam River Borneo

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Datah Bilang along East Kalimantan Mahakam River

Datah Bilang is a small settlement of traditional Dayak Kenyah Tribe, who are migrated from the Apokayan Region to the less Isolated area of Data Bilang. Data Bilang has a wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rainforest jungle of Indonesia ’s largest island.
Along the upper reaches of the Mahakam river, you can discover the rich art of the Dayak Culture, and their tradional life believes. The indigenous Dayak Kenyah & Dayak Bahau village Datah Bilang along the Mahakam River of Kalimantan is an ideal way to experience the incredible culture, where village elders practice traditional Hudoq harvest and medicine and mark their status with intricate body tattoos and heavy ear adornments, we will be warmly welcomed guests in their traditional longhouses.

The Mahakam River Tour and Houseboat Rainforest Cruise Expeditions are a collection of exploratories and dream tour destination journeys that reflect the particular passions and favorite places in Indonesia. We created the Borneo Mahakam Rain Forest Cruise tour for those who search a indigenous Dayak Culture in the deep dense jungle with its exotic flora and fauna. Borneo travelers will have an unforgettable experience trip in Indonesia, however, it is designed for those who are adventurous in body and spirit.

Datah Bilang Mahakam River Travelers Information

Tour Destination :
Indonesia, East Kalimantan, Mahakam River, Data Bilang

Tourism Interest & Activities to do :
Dayak Kenyah and Dayak Bahau traditional Culture, with Longhouse and Dayak arts, surrounded by Jungle and Rainforest.
Small Dayak Populated village along the almost upper part of the Mahakam River, learning traditional Art and the History of the Dayak Kenyah Culture, also a jungle trek, or rainforest hikking can be done, recommended visit time is 1 or 4 days
Jungle Trek can be done in the surrounded area of Data Bilang, or Along the Mahakam River, recommended visit time for jungle trek and Dayak Culture is 1 to 4 days.

Culture :
Dayak Kenyah & Dayak Bahau

Flora & Fauna :

Tour Starting Point :
Balikpapan or Samarinda Airport East Kalimantan Indonesia

Tour Transport Possibilities :
By Public Bus or car from Balikpapan to Samarinda, continue cruise upstream the Mahakam River by luxury private Houseboat or public ferry to Long Iram, and then by motorcanoe cruise up to Data Bilang area, estimated travel time to reach Data Bilang, from the entry point Balikpapan or Samarinda is 2 - 3 days.

Tour Ending Point :
Balikpapan East Kalimantan, also possible to Trek via the Muller Mountains to Pontianak West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tour Distance to entry point :
600 Km to from Balikpapan Airport East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tour Duration :
Short Get Through Visit 6 to 8 Days

Tour & Adventure Grade :

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