Tanjung Puting Orangutan Wildlife Borneo

Guided Tours and jungle cruises in to Tanjung Putting wildlife reserve, explore the unknow part of Indonesian Borneo island “Kalimantan” rain forest orangutan and endemic proboscis monkeys habitat

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Gateway to Kalimantan orangutan and wildlife jungle

Tanjung Putting National Park is home to endangered and protected animal species which inhabiting the rain forest reserve. Among the wildlife species are the orangutan (Pongo satyrus), proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus), maroon leaf monkey (Presbytis rubicunda rubida), sun bear (Helarctos malayanus euryspilus), Lesser Malay mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus klossii), clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa), and leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis borneoensis).

Tanjung Puting Park was the first place in Indonesia to become a rehabilitation center for orangutans in 1971 when Camp Leakey was established by Dr Birute Galdikas. Now-a-days, three orangutan rehabilitation locations are operating, as Tanjung Harapan, Pondok Tanggui, and Camp Leakey. The orangutan of Tanjung Puting Park at Kalimantan has dark reddish fur hair and no tail. As they get older, the adult males cheeks flesh out, resembling cushions. The older they get, the bigger these cheek flanges grow, giving them a fierce look.

At your tour through Tanjung Putting Park, the main attraction are the orangutans, while the longnose proboscis monkeys who are endemic Borneo species, the long-tailed macaques, agile gibbon, boar, clouded leopard, civets, Malaysian sun bear, three species of deer and wild cattle known as banteng. Crocodiles, water monitors, turtles and some highly endangered species of frog and fish thrive in the swampy waterways, hornbills birds who rule the forest roof in the enormous variety of the flora eco-system make it a pleasant all out trip for tourist visitors. Cruising by the local klotok boat upstream Sekonyer River black water stream, to hop on and off the camp sides, feeding platforms and jungle paths through the rain forest to explore the diversity of the Kalimantan flora and fauna.
The klotok boat is your transport facility to cruise the jungle rivers as back roads through the swamp and rain forest, it also facilitate as your accommodation, as a two deck boat, the upper deck is for the tourist visitors, which during the day cruise is a lounge for your meals, and relaxing with a cup of coffee, during the night it is turned in to a comfortable sleeping room with matrasses and mosquito net. The tour guide, boat captain and your private cook stay for your privacy, most of the time at the lower deck, but are close enough to assist and serve your instant needs.

Visit Orangutans at Camp Leakey

Tanjung Puting National Park has several ecosystems, the lowland tropical rain forest, dryland forest, freshwater swamp forest, mangrove forest, coastal forest, and secondary forest.

The Park is dominated by lowland forest vegetation as jelutung (Dyera costulata), ramin (Gonystylus bancanus), meranti trees (Shorea sp.), hard wooden keruing trees (Dipterocarpus sp.), and diverse rattan species.

Interesting locations/attractions at Tanjung Puting National Park:

Tanjung Harapan: is the first station in the orangutan rehabilitation process, situated in the midst of secondary and swamp forest, the camp has a guesthouse, an information centre, and jungle trails.

Pondok Tanggui: orangutans that have passed the semi-wild phase are moved to Pondok Tanggui. There, they are closely monitored from a distance, and human contact is avoided.

Camp Leakey: founded by Birute Galdikas early seventies as a rehabilition center of Orangutans in the middle of Borneo 's primary forest, which could let them as former pets fast adobt with their natural habitat.

Klotok boat jungle cruise at Tanjung Puting, while sailing the Sekonyer River you can spot plenty of wildlife animals along the river in the rain forest of Indonesia Borneo.

How to reach the reserve:

Daily direct flights from several destinations as from Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Palangkaraya, Pontianak to Pangkalanbun

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