Dive & Snorkel Teluk Sumbang

crystal clear sea and divers coral reefs from your beach eco lodge

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Dive & Snorkel Teluk Sumbang

The Teluk Sumbang bay in Berau Kalimantan island in Indonesia offer spectacular diving, white palm beaches and tranquility forest mountains, but with ambitious plans for tourism they may not stay sleepy for long

Kalimantan, Teluk Sumbang is a little-explored adventurer’s dream destination, which offers some of the world’s best diving experience. The area is known for beautiful reefs, proliferation of manta rays and other large pelagic marine creatures, as well as green turtle nesting grounds. The streched white palm beach, and wide jungle of Mankaliat Mountain, with Dayak settlements make Teluk Sumbang a unique tourism destination

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