Kayaking the Teluk Sumbang Bay

proboscis monkeys and wildlife jungle

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Kayaking by canoe Teluk Sumbang in the Nose of Borneo

It is the most amazing kayaking route in Teluk Sumbang at the nose of Borneo, with open sea converging in to a mangrove jungle and lime stone cliffs with the chirping sound of the forest in the background. Teluk Sumbang as a outer edge quite place is recommended to go for kayaking by canoe into the mangrove forest bay. One can take a complete kayaking tour in between the mangrove jungle and exit in to the sea from the other side. The trilling relaxing kayak experience gives you a very close proximity of nature, when you sail the mangrove forest with proboscis monkeys (Long Nose Monkeys), and lots of birds alternated with cliffs and caves

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